Portillos For Good

Serving up a better tomorrow

Much like our founder Dick Portillo, our customers care about quality ingredients, tasty food and fast service. And like him, they also care about doing good and giving back to those in need. It’s Mr. Portillo’s longstanding dedication to his country and family that have inspired our new charitable giving program, Portillo’s For Good.

Portillo’s For Good is all about engaging communities at the local level, in ways that will have immediate and tangible effects on organizations making a real difference. From coordinating fundraisers and distributing marketing materials to ensuring each non-profit organization receives a portion of the proceeds quickly and efficiently, we do our part so you can more easily do yours.

Charity Requirements:

Portillo’s only gives donations to registered 501(C)(3) charities. They must provide their charitable registration forms to receive a donation.

All donation requests must be submitted through this website. Please fill out our donation request form and we will review it for consideration. Please provide your request at least one month prior to the event to allow us time to consider and provide a donation.

Types of Donations:

Portillo’s gives to charities in a variety of ways but prefers to prioritize gifts in the following way:

  • Fundraising baskets for silent auctions, raffle prizes, and other charitable efforts.
  • Fundraising nights in the restaurants.
    • Weeknights only: Monday through Thursday, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm.
    • We will donate 20% of the sales that your organization earns based on the number of people that come in with your organizations fundraising flyer.
    • Handing out flyers on the restaurant premises is prohibited, please don't scam the system - that's not cool.

Special Cases:

  • Free food (and labor, if a staffed, catered event) from our catering department.
  • Sponsor local kids’ sports teams and clubs.
  • Monetary donations.