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At Portillo’s, we judge ourselves by our values, and our first value is all about ‘family.’ Portillo’s represents all the great things that come from being a diverse, inclusive family. It’s the foundation of our success—our vibrant teams.

We are collectively heartbroken by the senseless killing of George Floyd. It was yet another ugly example of what pushes us apart as a country.  

Our hopes and prayers are with the many people peacefully protesting and the beautiful examples of law enforcement serving and protecting. The sheriff in Flint, Michigan (Chris Swanson) who took off his riot gear and walked with protesters is an inspiration to us all. This isn’t about ‘us and them’.  

No doubt, there are some bad examples of violence and anger. But the best of America will step up—we always have and always will.

At Portillo’s, we will continue to create lifelong memories in an environment where everyone feels welcome and at home. We are committed to caring for our teams and making them feel safe, respected and heard.

God bless America. Be safe, be kind, be vocal and be loving.

Michael Osanloo
CEO, Portillo's Hot Dogs



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