Top Dog | Portillo's
Meet the top dog

Dick Portillo

I have had the same passion for Portillo’s since 1963, when I opened a hot dog stand in a 6’ x 12’ trailer called “The Dog House.” From that day, my Golden Rules have always been the same: Quality, Service, Attitude and Cleanliness. That has led us to where we are today. As long as we can continue that, there will always be growth.

Portillo’s is a legendary environment with legendary food, and most importantly, legendary people. Our team creates a fun and energetic environment that keeps our guests coming back for more, while also helping us innovate our process so our lines move quickly and orders are accurate. We are very fortunate to have such great employees contributing to the success of Portillo’s. The leadership in our company is the best in the restaurant business today. Our sales and our cult-like following proves it. It’s all because of our people!