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Thanks for digging our new Garden Dog Blog Title

June 17, 2022 Update: The Garden Dog is back and available at most Portillo's locations. The Garden Dog will return to our California and Florida locations next week. 

Thank you to all of our fans who have tried our new Garden Dog. We’re bun-believably excited to see how popular the plant-based hot dog has been. There have been so many of our fans enjoying the new dog, in fact, that we’ve temporarily run out. But we promise they will be back very soon!

In the meantime, do you know why we called it a Garden Dog? Not only is it made from natural ingredients like pea protein, but we serve it “dragged through the garden.” This is the go-to phrase to describe a Chicago-style hot dog, since it’s topped with many vegetable toppings. Our Garden Dog is dragged through the garden of mustard, relish, onion, tomatoes, relish, sport peppers and pickles – the same way we’ve been topping our all-beef hot dogs since 1963.

We relish the opportunity to have you enjoy the deliciously smoked and seasoned Garden Dog again soon! Follow us @portilloshotdogs to find out when they’re back in stock. 



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