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"The Heart of Portillo's Fund is truly amazing. It shows that we are family and that we are here to help and assist each other in our time of need" - Clary, GM of Springfield, Illinois
"I believe that the best thing we can do as a company is take care of our own." - Michael Osanloo, Chief Executive Officer
"The food's great, the brands great, everything we do is great, but it's really about the People. Without the people none of it makes sense, none of it works." - Michael Portillo, Vice President Restaurant Support

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$ 2200 Average Amount Received by Grantee
$ 298 k Total Amount Given to Grantees
*As of June 2023
106 Number of Grants awarded

Our charitable arm within the Portillo's organization provides emergency assistance to eligible Portillo's Team Members facing financial hardship due to unavoidable situations. There are many ways we raise money to support Team Members during their time of need.

Team Member Participation

Portillo's Team Members raise money for the Heart of Portillo's Fund through one-time donations, paycheck donations, and fundraising events.

In kind Donations
Frost for the Fund

Frost for the Fund

Frost for the Fund is one of our favorite annual internal fundraisers. For this event, we challenge our Portillo's team members to enter a fun cake frosting challenge. This allows our Team Members to do what they do best - frost cakes! Participation is simple for our teams - they beautifully frost a cake as fast as they can, all in the name of supporting the Heart of Portillo's Fund.

Silent Auction

At our Restaurant Support Center every year, we hold a silent auction to raise money for the Heart of Portillo's Fund. From sports memorabilia to team members creating beautiful artwork, to local breweries and in-kind donations from restaurants, it's a great way to bring the community together for a great cause.

Silent Auction