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Here at Portillo’s we are proud to say that we have the most obsessed fans, and we are always humbled to hear their Portillo’s stories. Sometimes we stumble upon a fan that really blows our minds.  This week, Michelle tagged us in an Instagram post of her new, fresh cheese fry tattoo. Yes, you read that right. Cheese. Fry. Tattoo. We asked her a couple questions about Portillo’s and her new ink.

When was the first time you went to Portillo’s?

My first time at Portillo’s was when I was around 13-14. I used to go shopping in Vernon Hills with my mom every weekend so we stopped in and grabbed a bite to eat.

Why is Portillo’s so special to you?

It’s my comfort food! I always have the biggest smile on my face when I eat Portillo’s. I have great memories with friends and family there. I can always count on eating a great meal!

What inspired you to get the tattoo? How did you choose where to get the tattoo?

I have wanted to get a Portillo’s tattoo for a while. I chose to tattoo it on my hand when one of my best friends/coworkers had a tattoo of a burger on his hand. When we place our hands together the burger and fries match up. It’s kind of an unofficial matching tattoo of both of our favorite foods!

How did you choose cheese fries over any other menu item?  

Cheese fries are my favorite food. I order it every single time I go to Portillo’s. I especially love that the fries are crinkle cut and the cheese is hot and gooey.

What was the tattoo artist’s reaction to the tattoo?

When I walked in and told the tattoo artist I wanted a Portillo’s cheese fry on my hand he had this sudden glow about him. His eyes got real big and he grinned from ear to ear. He told me “you came to the right place!” The hardest part was the logo. He tattooed the logo first and upon finishing it he paused and stood up with his hands in the air and celebrated how well he tattooed it.

How have people reacted to the tattoo?

Some people think I’m a little crazy for getting this tattoo but most people think it’s awesome and love it. The day I posted the picture of it online a bunch of my friends responded with Snapchat’s of them eating cheese fries from Portillo’s. When I went to a Portillo’s the day after getting the tattoo, all the employees were in awe and requesting to take pictures of it. It’s been a great conversation starter at my job as well.

Do you have any plans for more Portillo’s tattoos?

I haven’t thought that far, but with me anything is possible!

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