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Long live the Lemon Cake (through August)! Blog Title

Our legendary lemon cake has been so loved, that we are extending its life a little bit longer! The lemon cake will now be available through August 31st.

After August, our beloved lemon cake will have to go back into retirement, at least until next year. With the holidays approaching, we only have so much space in our ovens to bake fresh cakes every morning. And, we have a LOT of chocolate cakes to bake for your hungry souls starting this September. We baked over 200,000 whole chocolate cakes from September-December last year, so we need our oven space back!

Over the past few months, we have enjoyed reading our fans’ internet takeover of the lemon cake, and viewing their photos and videos that show off their lemon cake love!

Here are a few of our favorites:

  • @Colieycole PSA: @portilloshotdog's Lemon Cake is all it's cracked up to be #delicious

  • @DZBistro Who DOESN'T love Portillo's Cake?  Welcome back Lemon!! #Portillos #ChicagoEats #getinmybelly

  • @Katie_Lannon PSA: If you haven't had Portillo's lemon cake yet, I'm advising you to go get a piece

  • @billyb0bcat Portillo's and their lemon cake is the love of my life 😍 #happyplace

  • @ADesai410 Portillo's lemon cake wins the "best cake i've had in 2017" award. It's sooo damn good.

  • @cornygirl19  Okay Portillo's lemon cake is the bomb dot com


Get your buns in line and indulge in the last month of lemon cake - until next year!


*Lemon cake is available at all Portillo’s locations except Woodbury, MN and Normal, IL.



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