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NEW! Portillo's Plant-based 'Garden Dog' made with 100% plant-based protein Blog Title

May 16, 2022

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Portillo's synonymous relationship with the famous Chicago-style hot dog goes back to 1963, when founder Dick Portillo's opened an $1,100 trailer called "The Dog House" in Villa Park, IL to sell hot dogs, tamales and French fries.

Now, Portillo's is taking the saying "drag it through the garden," even further, with the introduction of our new Plant-based Garden Dog! The Portillo's Plant-based Garden Dog is made with 100% plant-based protein, grilled to perfection and dragged through the same garden of Chicago-style ingredients as our classic Chicago-style hot dog!

The Plant-based Garden Dog is crafted for Portillo's by Field Roast, and tastes similar to a traditional hot dog, but with a few distinct differences that give it its own unique flavor. Our plant-based hot dogs are packed with pea protein and seasoned with cracked pepper, garlic and paprika to enhance the char-grilled flavor of the dog. No artificial flavors—just 100% crave-worthy plant-based ingredients!

For a full list of ingredients and nutrition information, please refer to our Nutrition guide here

Learn more about our Garden Dog here.



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