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Meet Pokey

The Spirit of Portillo's

Great to meet you, Pokey! At Portillo's, we have a rich history filled with delicious food, lifelong memories, and a special dachshund who started it all. Meet Pokey, our beloved mascot and the inspiration behind our iconic logo.

Help Us Find Pokey’s BFF:

Introducing Pokey’s Pals Contest

Pokey's pals

Pokey is a fun, playful pup, and she’s looking for some new friends who also love the Portillo’s brand! As we reintroduce Pokey as a big part of the Portillo’s family, we invite you to participate in our Pokey’s Pals Contest. Entry is simple:

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1 Post a picture of Portillo's and your pup with #PokeysPal and tag @portilloshotdogs on Instagram, X, or TikTok by July 19, 2024

2 Portillo's will select 10 Pals - one from every state in which we operate - to enter our Pokey's Pals contest

3 Portillo's fans will get to vote on this page to select Pokey's Ultimate BFF

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All 10 Pokey’s Pals finalists will receive Portillo’s-brand dog toys, Portillo’s swag for their owner and their winning picture displayed in their local Portillo’s restaurant. Nine finalists will receive a $100 Portillo’s gift card, and the grand prize winner will receive Portillo’s for a year.

Entries will be judged by the quality of the photo, inclusion of your dog/pet, and the integration of Portillo’s into the photo/video.


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Name of Pet


Thanks to everyone who participated in helping us find Pokey’s Pal!

Celebrate with Us

As we reintroduce Pokey to the Portillo's family, we invite you to join us in celebrating her legacy. Look out for special limited-edition merchandise and other fun ways we honor our furry friend who has been an integral part of our journey from the very beginning.


The tale of pokey


It all began with our Founder, Dick Portillo

Our story begins with our founder Dick Portillo, and his playful dachshund, Pokey. One sunny afternoon, as Pokey wagged her tail and let her tongue hang out in pure joy, Dick had a revelation.

He saw in Pokey's spirited demeanor the perfect embodiment of the Portillo's brand. With a pencil and a spark of creativity, he sketched an illustration of Pokey and added the name "Portillo's" above it. And just like that, our famous Weiner dog logo was born.

Why Pokey Matters

Pokey is more than just a logo; she symbolizes the warmth, friendliness, and passion that we pour into every meal we serve. Her cheerful expression and lively energy remind us of our commitment to providing a fun, energetic dining experience for every team member and guest.

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A Nod to Our Roots

At Portillo's, we never forget where we came from. Pokey’s story is a testament to the simple, heartfelt moments that inspire greatness. Every time you see our logo, we hope it brings a smile to your face and a reminder of the joy and authenticity that Pokey brought to our founder and continues to bring to all of us.

Come and experience the magic of Portillo's, where tradition meets taste, and Pokey's playful spirit lives on in every bite.

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