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The days are short and the months are cold, but we can see it in the stars—your Portillo’s horoscope for January will leave you feeling warm and cheesy inside (yes, even you, Scorpio).

Aries: Bold, fearless leader (Italian Beef)
Even the most bold and fearless leaders need time to retreat into the safety of timeless comforts. It doesn’t matter if you dip your beef in gravy, hold the peppers or pile on extra mozzarella cheese; the Italian beef sandwich is there for you.


Taurus: Balanced, cultured (Chicken Caesar Salad)
You need something reliable and perfectly proportioned to get you through these wintry months. The Chicken Caesar Salad doesn’t brag about how many ingredients it has—it only has five—but it doesn’t need to, because those five ingredients are perfectly harmonious.


Gemini: Versatile, adaptable (Italian Beef/Sausage Combo)
Now is not the time for ultimatums, Gemini, and the Italian Beef and Sausage Combo would never make you choose. It understands your appetite for variety and loves you for it.


Cancer: Loyal, loving (Hot Dog with Everything)
Maybe you’ve never been loved back by your food before, but the Hot Dog with Everything is here to gently and patiently show you that love is still real. It only has one humble request of you—no ketchup please.


Leo: Warm spirit, fun loving (Cake Shake)
The Cake Shake has a cold exterior but is as delicate and warm as the chocolate cakes used to make it. It wants to empower you to embrace the cold; build a snowman, sled down a hill, or if the great outdoors isn’t your thing, cozy up by the fireplace with a Cake Shake and a good book—just don’t get too close.


Virgo: Solid, reliable (Cheeseburger)
Yes, there are many cheeseburgers out in the world looking to charm you, but Portillo’s Cheeseburger is here for long-term commitment. No crazy bells and whistles, just juicy beef on a corn-dusted bun paired with your favorite condiments.


Libra: Harmonious, charming (Cheese Fries)
For Portillo’s Cheese Fries, it is actually easy being cheesy. Cheese Fries get along with everything else on the menu and is more than willing to make room for others in its cup of cheese.


Scorpio: Insightful, passionate (Chopped Salad)
There’s a lot going on in Chopped Salad, but if you take the time to chew on it, you will start to understand the wisdom and insight it takes to get crispy bacon, tomatoes and ditalini pasta all working towards the same goal—to ignite your taste buds with intensely compatible flavors.


Sagittarius: Eager, precise (Eclair Cake)
The Éclair Cake is here for the perfectionists and idealists; it, too, demands meticulous attention to detail. Perfectly layered and crumbly, the Éclair will support all your visions for the future.


Capricorn: Dedicated, disciplined (Whitefish Sandwich)
There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but none quite as devoted or restrained as Whitefish Sandwich. This month, indulge the part of you that is craving dedication and discipline.


Aquarius: Relatable, easy going (Chicken Croissant)
You just want to kick back, relax and chill with your friends. Can Chicken Croissant come along? Chicken Croissant is the sandwich that is just as comfortable telling jokes to a group of pals as it is just sitting back and listening.


Pisces: Empathetic, sensitive (Strawberry Shortcake)
You just need a good cry. And that’s okay. Strawberry Shortcake understands. Strawberry Shortcake will catch your tears on its savory mascarpone cheese topping and comfort you with fluffy, angelic delight.




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