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Last year, we brought our Lemon Cake back to Chicago after a 10-year hiatus when this post from Redditt user named Ben caused pleas to pour in from across the country.

The iconic cake became an overnight sensation! We sold more than 90,000 whole Lemon Cakes (aka, 900,000 cakes slices) last summer and the cake even had its own cameo – with our talented employees – on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Now, that same zesty Lemon Cake is returning again for a limited time in ALL of our Portillo’s locations nationwide. And, if you don’t live close enough to enjoy the lemon cake at Portillo’s, we can now ship it to you anywhere in the United States! That means between starting April 10th, whoever you are and wherever you live in America – can indulge in this sweet, refreshingly delicious, light and fluffy cake.

Whether you’re having a good day, a bad day, a birthday or a case of the Mondays, Portillo’s Lemon Cake is sure to sweeten any situation. Don’t believe us? This video proves that when life gives you lemons, don't stress, try Portillo’s Lemon Cake!


Available while supplies last.


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