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Portillo’s Taps Cameo to Promote New Spicy Chicken Sandwich Blog Title

May 18, 2021

Can’t pronounce giardiniera? You’re not alone. But we relish the opportunity to make it part of your everyday vernacular.

After all, giardiniera (pronounced jar-din-air-ah) is a big dill for Chicagoans. So much so that we turned it into a sauce for our new Spicy Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich is so hot that celebrities like Kenny G, Brian Baumgartner of The Office, Snooki, Cedric The Entertainer and a dozen others want to try to pronounce it. Check it out in this first-of-its-kind digital campaign, featuring celebrities who we booked through Cameo for Business.

For us, traditional advertising wasn't going to cut the mustard this time. So we partnered with Cameo for Business to create a beefed up campaign that focuses on the idea that most people – especially outside of Chicago – can't pronounce giardiniera. The campaign features several celebrities attempting to pronounce the word, often with hilarious results. “No matter how you say ‘giardiniera,'” the campaign concludes, “it’s good.”

Instead of working with agents and managers, we worked directly with celebrities and influencers who are available to book on Cameo for Business. No high-ticket studio fees. No recording equipment rental. No contract negotiations. For the listed price, we provided each celebrity with a simple request that included: Try to pronounce the word “giardiniera,” a main ingredient in the new spicy chicken sandwich.

Order the new Spicy Chicken Sandwich online or visit your local Portillo’s.



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