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Portillo’s is taking every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of both our guests and our Team Members. Safety is our top priority, and we’ve asked everyone throughout the organization for their continued help in diligently and properly following our sanitation procedures. Our restaurants are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day, and we are making certain our Team Members have the information they need to stay healthy and stay home from work when needed.

Portillo’s has always maintained high standards for cleanliness and sanitation, and right now we’re doubling down on these protocols and procedures as well as prioritizing frequent hand washing. For an added layer of precaution, our team members are also wearing gloves and changing them regularly. During this time, we’ve also implemented additional safety precautions in our restaurants.

Importantly, we want to make sure our Team Members are safe and comfortable. We have been coaching our teams daily on how to practice social distancing. As a company, we have invested in individual headsets, individual safety vests, hand sanitizer and other items used throughout the restaurants to further protect our team. We have also secured thermometers for every restaurant to ensure our team members do not have fevers. And we continue to invest and secure supplies throughout our operations as the situation evolves.

Masks are in tight supply and we have not wanted to take any away from hospitals and first responders – doing so would be irresponsible. We have ordered masks (despite the CDC not requiring us to do so) and will deploy to the restaurants as soon as they arrive.

One big change you will see: To encourage social distancing and limited interaction, our Team Members will no longer be checking your bag and repeating your order when they get to your car. To minimize contact, you might also notice that your bag is folded closed in the drive-thru.

Thank you for letting us continue to satisfy your Portillo’s cravings. We’re glad to be able to be here for our guests during this difficult time.



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