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Our Planet Hero

Our Planet

Portillo's is committed to serving our Team Members, our guests and our shareholders.

This means being thoughtful about the actions we take regarding the environment. We are reflecting on opportunities to continue to strengthen the many initiatives already in place as well as develop new ones.

Our environmental impact is important at all levels of Portillo's. We have a Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee that assists Portillo's Board in the oversight of our practices, policies, procedures, strategies and initiatives that relate to sustainability.


At Portillo’s, we continue to look at ways to both reduce the amount of packaging used and move to more environmentally friendly materials in our restaurants. Our results are driving the initiatives shown here.

from Styrofoam clamshells to a paper sandwich box

Q3 2021

Switched from foam sandwich boxes to a paper sandwich box made from recycled materials.

from white paper bags to brown kraft paper bags

Q1 2022

Switched from bleached white paper bags to brown paper bags.

Our new paper bag is 100% recyclable, does not need to be bleached, and is made from fibers certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

from Styrofoam to Paper

Q4 2022

Changed our side cups and soup cups from foam to paper.

plastic tubs to pouches

Q1 2023

Updated gravy packaging used from plastic tubs to pouches, which will eliminate waste from gravy packaging by nearly 100x.

from Bleached Boxes to Kraft boxes

Q2 2023

Changed our rib boxes from bleached boxes to natural boxes, which are recyclable.

Styrofoam drink cups to paper cups

Q3 2023

Transitioned soft drink cups from foam to paper.


Q4 2023 and beyond

We are continuously working to find new ways to add more sustainable materials into our packaging and will announce more once completed.

Additional improvements

Our sustainability strategy already includes changes to our packaging, restaurant design and ingredients, and we will continue to progress our efforts.

Recycled Ingredients

Recycled Ingredients

We recycle our cooking oil which is processed into renewable diesel.

Energy Efficient Design

We've retrofitted most of our original restaurants with more energy-efficient lighting, reducing lighting energy use by 55%. We build all new restaurants with this energy efficient lighting.

Energy Efficient Design
Plant-Based Hot Dog

Plant-Based Hot Dog

We've added the Plant Based Garden Dog to our menu. This vegan version of our famed Chicago-style hot dog is Non-GMO Project verified.