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Five Ways to Spend Your Entire Tax Refund at Portillo’s Blog Title

March 25, 2015

The average tax refund each year is around $2,800, according to the IRS. If you're looking for an epic way to spend that refund, here are five ideas on what you could buy for $2,800 at the Portillo's in Chicago at the corner of Clark and Ontario Streets (not including sales tax):

  1. How about a series of date nights? Once a week, you and your sweetie could each order an Italian beef sandwich with sweet or hot peppers, a small fry, and a small Coke. You could do this weekly for two and a half years!

  2. Do you have a lot of friends and family who don't live near a Portillo's? Ship 16 households an Italian Beef Party Package enough Italian beef, bread, and peppers to feed 20 people at each house. You'd make 320 people extremely happy.

  3. Treat yourself and 19 of your closest friends to one Portillo's Chicago-style hot dog per weekend you'd be able to stretch your refund for nearly a year! By the end, each of you would have eaten nearly 100 slices of tomato, but we wouldn't dream of adding ketchup unless you requested it.

  4. Cater a party for you and your 450 closest friends. Everyone would get a small Italian beef sandwich, a side of mostaccioli featuring our homemade sauce, and a small gourmet garden salad. You'd be a hero!

  5. Have a sweet tooth? Would 900 pieces of our famous chocolate cake satisfy it? That's how many pieces of cake you could buy for $2,800. Perhaps you could share a few slices with your neighbors.

How would you spend your tax refund at Portillo's?




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