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It's time to turn your career into an obsession!

Last summer, Portillo's launched the corporate college internship program. The program is designed to provide the opportunity for interns to grow into their career field and have a meaningful and engaging learning experience at a legendary brand. It’s a culture of community connections, diversity, executive commitment, and memorable events.

The interns work in the corporate office across several departments including Human Resources, Accounting, Finance and Marketing. Each intern is provided a mentor who has the responsibility to encourage them to think creatively and offer them support while working to achieve the targeted goals set at the beginning of the term. The mentors volunteer their time, share their knowledge and guidance, and are invaluable in contributing to the success of the internship program as a whole.

Depending on the department, interns use different skills and tools to develop unique solutions to a variety of tasks, such as recruitment strategies and marketing campaigns. They are a valuable addition to the brand as they bring new ideas, energy, and uniqueness as a great source of inspiration for all members of the corporate team.

Following the length of the internship program, the Portillo’s team provides a farewell lunch for all interns and corporate staff. Mentors are encouraged to highlight the goals achieved in each department and the interns are encouraged to share their experience as part of the summer program.

We look forward to launching the second season of the summer internship program.


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