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Here at Portillo's we are proud to say that we have the most obsessed fans, and we are always humbled to hear their Portillo’s stories. This week, we talked with Jane Steele. She’s our youngest fan yet! Her mom sent us a photo of her 100th Day Announcement, and we loved it! We asked baby Jane a couple questions about Portillo’s.

Hey Jane!

Hello, Portillo’s. I am Jane Addison Steele. My birthday is May 4th, 2018. It’s not National Hot Dog day, but it’s still a pretty cool birth date.

When was the first time you went to Portillo’s?

Well, Mom says I need teeth, so my first experience has yet to come. But, my mom and my Aunt Jenny have been going to Portillo’s for decades! My grandparents took them to the original Villa Park location when they were just toddlers in the early 1980s. My family has been taking hot dogs seriously for a very long time.

Why is Portillo’s so special to you?

Portillo’s remind us of family. We often order Italian beef sandwiches during the holidays or grab some hot dogs for a family lunch. It was also one of my great grandfather’s favorite places to eat. Now that we live in Southern California, near the Buena Park location, it reminds my mom of home and of her family.

How did you decide to celebrate your 100th Day with Portillo’s?

Well, it started with my brother, Clark. He started the foodie baby photos when my Aunt Jenny took a photo of him on a blanket shaped like a pizza, another Chicago favorite. My Aunt Jenny is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to food, especially hot dogs. She was a speaker at the Chicago Hot Dog Festival and was an integral part of the #hotdogemoji campaign! So naturally, being the younger sister, I needed to do something bigger and better! And when Aunt Jenny saw the Portillo’s baby swaddle…. our hearts were set!

Why did your mom decide to measure your weight in beef and length in hot dogs as opposed to another menu item?

We had to go with the classics! When someone mentions Portillo’s, you first think of hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches!

Do you see any other Portillo’s themed announcements or parties in the future?

Portillo’s just made an appearance at my brother Clark’s second birthday. Italian beef sandwiches for everyone! It will also be at my first birthday bash, can you believe my mom is already thinking about that?

What do you think your first Portillo’s meal will be?

I think it will be a hot dog and fries! Mom and Dad will probably order it with everything, even the sport peppers. We will all get a laugh when I start to cry, but don’t worry I will likely learn to love them in the near future. My big brother is already enjoying them at 2 years old.

And finally, what is your mom's go-to Portillo’s order?

My mom and Aunt Jenny have the exact same order! Two hot dogs with everything and a fry. Occasionally a chocolate cake shake ends the meal during the hot summer nights or a bowl of chili during the chilly Chicago winters.


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