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Portillo’s + You = the perfect match. Give your guests a night to remember and share Chicago-style favorites to refuel friends and family after dancing the night away. We offer two late-night catering options for weddings: the Newlywed Spread, a catering package for weddings near a Portillo’s location from Portillo’s Home Kitchen (866-YUM-BEEF), and the Love at First Bite after-party kit, available nationwide via our Shop & Ship online store. We also have our Primp and Prime package to help get ready before the festivities.


Late Night Wedding Catering

Getting married is a pretty big dill. That’s why Portillo’s wants to make saying “I do” even easier – especially when your late-night guests start looking for some good time grub. The Newlywed Spread includes 120 of our most popular sandwiches that are ready-to-eat and packaged in trays with condiments on the side for a convenient way for your guests to grab, go and dance the night away. Plus, the golden cheese sauce fountain will be flowing and ready to dip our most craveable menu items.

Pre-Wedding Primp and Prime

Whether you’re with your best ladies pampering all morning long or gathered around with your guys still learning how to tie your bow tie, you’ll need some extra energy to take you through photos to the vows and reception. Don’t forget the liquid courage - the chocolate cake shakes, of course!


Love at First Bite Shipped Wedding Kit

We’ve created the perfect solution for late-night wedding guests who are hungry for more for our fans across the country. This newlywed spread will satisfy your wedding guests’ cravings for Chicago favorites like hot dogs, beef and Portillo’s famous chocolate cake at any hour! It’s a one-of-a-kind food kit fit for the newlyweds – and 90 of their closest friends. The best part? We ship nationwide.

Engagement Photoshoot

Do you have memories double sipping a chocolate cake shake on your first date, or did the moment you reached to dip your cheese fries the same time as your partner officially seal the deal? Now, we’re making all your wedding wishes come true. Book a two-hour professional engagement session at Portillo’s locations in Illinois and relish in moments along side your first love of Chicago-style favorites.