May 2020: Celebrate National Italian Beef Day with Portillo's! Blog Title

May 27, 2020

This article is from May 2020.

Grab your napkins and bibs, it’s almost National Italian Beef Day! Portillo’s will satisfy all your cravings and relieve you of cooking duty for the juiciest day of the year on May 30. Visit to order your favorite Italian beef sandwich for delivery, pickup, or in the drive thru.

Think you can make the perfect Italian beef yourself? Build your own version of our famous sandwich with our Take & Make Italian Beef kits! Will you add peppers, cheese, or something new and unheard of!? Order pre-packaged Italian beef, fresh French bread, gravy, and peppers for delivery, pickup, or in the drive thru.

Don’t worry out-of-towners, you can still celebrate Beef Day with Portillo’s! Ship your favorite Italian beef sandwiches to yourself, your friends, or family for the most glorious day of the year. This box of treasure will transport you back to the first time you took a bite out of our heavenly sandwich. Order here

Celebrate the juiciest, messiest, and by far most delicious day of the year with our mouth-watering Italian beefs on May 30! Don’t forget to post your Beef Day meals on your social media and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so we can repost!



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