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Chicago Style Hot Dogs -10 Pack

sku# EF201-
10 of Portillo's beef hot dogs shipped to you or a friend, with all the fixings. Everything you need to create an authentic Portillo's style hot dog is included. All products are safely packaged to preserve quality and freshness.
  • 10 hot dogs in a cryovac pouch
  • 10 poppy seed buns
  • Mustard
  • Relish
  • 2 whole kosher pickles
  • Sport peppers
  • Portillo's hot dog seasoning


10 hot dog
$75.99 - $99.99
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On time and exactly as expected


My brother helped me move from PA to MN. He had never had Portillos before and after one visit he was hooked. He was in love with the chili cheese dogs and was sorry to go back home. For his birthday I bought him the pack and had it shipped to him at his home. The package arrived a day early and was perfect. He was absolutely happy to enjoy Portillos hot dogs on his birthday. I will absolutely order this again.

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Gift to my father for his birthday


My dad is 87 and now living in LA. He went crazy and was blown away when he got the hot dogs! Thanks so much he loved it!!!

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Taste of Home


I grew up in Illinois and always remember loving Portillos as a family outing. My boyfriend's Dad is also from Illinois and got me this for my birthday, it was such a sweet taste of home brought to the East cost. Everything tasted great!

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Consumer of Hot Dogs


Your chili dogs are the best! I eat them several times when I visit my brother in Minooka, IL. Everything arrived OK but the buns were a little dry on the top but following your instructions for microwaving made them soft.

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I bought these for my husband because he loves hot dogs. I'm not usually a hot dog eater. First, I had a tamale for lunch - tastiest I've ever had! We had the hot dogs for dinner, prepared as suggested. These dogs may convert me into a hot dog fan. Who knew a boiled hot dog could taste so good?

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Wish they would open a store in Dallas, TX


Ordered on a Wednesday, arrived on Friday evening. I was worried it wouldn't be cold by that time. Surprise! It was so well packed that the hotdogs were perfectly cold. Made us feel (almost) like we were back in Chicago. Next time I'll order more and freeze half! I only wish I didn't have to go to all that expense and that PORTILLO'S would expand into Dallas...specifically in the Love Field West and Medical District areas :)

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We were not able to make our annual visit to Chicago for the Memorial Day weekend. But, we wanted to enjoy a Chicago Dog and Italian Beef from Portillo's. We ordered on Tuesday, was delivered on Friday and we enjoyed on Saturday! Convenient and delicious!!!

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Love love love


Wow! I’ve ordered the hot beef sandwiches before and loved them but this time I wanted the order to include hot dogs for the dog lover in the family. I was not disappointed! Delicious hot dogs with the best additions- all included!! Such a taste of home for this Chicago transplant!

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Love it!!


I am so glad you are now in Madison!! My entire extended family enjoys your food items here. I also recently shipped an order to my daughter out west of here..everybody seems to have heard of Portillos. Great food and excellent service.

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Great surprise


Our friends in South Carolina loved our selection of beef sandwiches and hot dogs. They cannot wait to eat them. Arrived on the day we arrived. Great surprise.

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hot dogs



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Jumbo Please


Hot dogs were very good. Would like option to get the Jumbo hot dogs.

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Great stuff


Fantastic experience! I'm sure being at the actual location is better somehow, but the first go at trying the home option was seamless.

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Love the Hot Dogs!


Absolutely loved the hot dogs. It was a lovely experience for my entire family in Nashville!

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Delicious doggs drive Dakotans dopamine dreamstate


Perfectly portillo's provided perfectly per promised for pregnant pretty spouse pre-birthday party! Filled our gullets with 7 hotdogs in one night couldn't get enough! Ingredients were fresh! Just wish i would of ordered more!

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A little bit of home


Sent to my Mother-In-Law as a surprise.....being from Chicago it brings back many memories!!

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Yummy, Chicago style dogs


If you’v Never had a Chicago style hot dog this is the place to get it. I was raised in Chicago and use to get these dogs in Jew Town back then. Portillos continues to give us that taste I love from back in the 60’s. Thank you for making it available nationwide.

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Shipped to a friend -- a big hit!


We sent this pack to a friend who doesn't have Chicago Style hot dogs nearby. In fact, he scours major airports whenever he travels to find a Chicago dog to gobble on the spot! We felt this pack was a great value, with everything included. His wife said the instructions were perfectly detailed and although she's not one to follow recipes religiously, she followed these to a tee, to ensure the dogs were perfectly authentic. Portillo's Hot Dog pack was a huge hit! Said they loved every bite. Thanks for letting us make his day!

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Can't beat the best Chicago style hot dog around


Moved to AK from IL and while we love it, we really miss the Chicago food! Bought the hot dog and beef combo pack and had it shipped for my wife's bday. Not cheap at $300, but the food lives up the the Portillo's reputation, everything was delicious and the way we remembered it. Not only did we get the hot dogs and beef, but the buns and all the condiments that truly make this a Chicago style meal. Nothing like this up here in AK...a golden opportunity Portillo's...hint hint. The only thing better than shipping the food would be walking into a Portillo's in person.

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Expect the Best from the Best! Portllo's delivers again! Thank you

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Portillo's in North Dakota


Great to have Portillo's in North Dakota for a birthday party. A real treat!

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Great gift


My son and daughter in law moved to West Virginia for school, so I sent them Portillos the hot dog package ( one of their favorite) . I did have to spend a little more to have it delivered on a Friday because Saturday was even more expensive. But it was so worth it they were so excited and loved and enjoyed their hots that night.

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Best hot dogs period


Best hot dog ever. If you are craving the real deal Chicago style hot dog, you wont get any better than this. I may be a little partial though because I am a big Portillo's fan. Love the italian beef sandwiches. This is just another great addition to that.

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Great Gift idea...packaging and direction were great

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Soooo Gooood


These hot dogs are so good. They come with delicious poppy seed buns, relish, an onion, pickle spears, even hot dog seasoning, a bottle of mustard, tomatoes and hot peppers. Also available with the chili sauce topping which comes with shredded cheese if you want to add that option. The food came packaged very well in a styro, reusable cooler, with reusable freezer blocks, keeping food ideal temp in shipping.

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