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It's Back! Portillo's Italian Beef meets Lou Malnati's Deep Dish Pizza Blog Title

October 2023

We’ve partnered with Lou Malnati’s, Chicago’s best deep dish since 1971, to bring you the most Chicago pizza ever made: Portillo’s Italian Beef Deep Dish pizza.

These legendary hand-made Lou Malnati’s pizzas feature a flaky, buttery pizza crust, vine ripened plum tomatoes, Wisconsin mozzarella cheese and are topped with Portillo’s homemade, slow-roasted Italian beef and home-cooked sweet peppers or Giardiniera to create the ultimate Chicago deep dish pizza.

Choose classic Italian Beef Deep Dish with Portillo’s home cooked sweet peppers or hot giardiniera...or try them both!

The Lou Malnati’s x Portillo’s Italian beef Deep Dish pizzas are available to ship nationwide for a limited time only on TastesOfChicago.com


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