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Meet Rebekah: From Team Member to Manager Blog Title

Portillo’s is a growing brand, and it’s important to us that our team members grow with us. That means we arm them with the skills and knowledge to foster their growth and have practices in place to help them develop in their careers. Please take a moment to read about Rebekah’s growth and what she’s learned along the way as she progressed from a team member to a manager in her career with Portillo’s!

How long have you been with Portillo’s and what made you come work for us?

On my second visit to Portillo’s in Orlando, I had a tough day at my other job. I had come in that evening for JUST the chocolate cake! Of course, Portillo’s cake was logically the only fix. The guest experience was so amazing, I asked if Portillo’s was hiring. I applied that same night and was hired within a few days. I’m officially going on 7 months with the company, and I tell customers every day, “I came for the cake, and I stayed for the cake!”

What do you love about Portillo’s?

The focus on the people and our unique values. Our investment in the goals, buy-in, and personal relationships with the team members and my peers is what sets Portillo’s apart from the rest. I know that I have found a family here that continues to grow and work collectively to make Portillo’s a household name.

What was your first position here and what position did you get promoted to?

I started as a part-time closer in Zone 2 Expo; using my big voice, personality, & rhymes to deliver that unique Portillo’s experience. After 11 shifts (about 2 months) I was promoted into the CCIT training program and graduated last August. Just three and a half months later, I had the privilege to be selected for the next RM wave and have just completed the MIT program. In less than 3 quarters of a year, I achieved not one, but two promotions! It has been a whirlwind and truly humbling experience.

What do you love about your position?

I love seeing the development, achievements, and recognition of the team members I am coaching and developing. Being personally recognized feels amazing, but it is nothing compared to the pride you feel knowing you contributed to that team members growth. Seeing the impact and eventual celebration of another is unmatched!

What advice would you give to someone at Portillo’s looking to move up?

Work, dress, coach, and lead for the job you WANT, not the job you have! Make a conscious effort every single shift to live out the values and go above and beyond to support others. Be quick to help and stay consistent in your ENERGY and GREATNESS to your family. The effort will always be reciprocated!

Where do see yourself growing in this company?

I hope to grow to become a General Manager or Market Manager. I also have a passion for Training & Development, so we will see what opportunities arise as this market and others continue to grow! 



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