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Franks to all who voted to bring the Beef Bus to Streator, IL! We relished the opportunity to serve nearly 700 Portillo’s fans during the four days we were in your town.

The Beef Bus started its end-of-year journey at Streator City Park from October 22-25. And it’s clear that Streator loves Portillo’s! Upon arrival, the Beef Bus was greeted by waving fans, honking cars, and people setting up chairs to wait in line hours before we opened. Rain or shine, the Streator fans came out for some Portillo’s favorites. The Beef Bus sold nearly 1,500 Italian Beef sandwiches, 700 hot dogs, 1,100 french fries and 650 sides of cheese sauce.

The Beef Bus team is bun-believably cautious when it comes to the health and safety of our team members and guests, so we had some extra measures in place. Our team wore face masks, as did guests. We marked 6-foot distances in line, to allow for proper social distancing. And we had sanitizer stations available for guests.

If your town didn’t win our first Beef Bus vote, don’t worry! The Beef Bus has plenty of gravy in its tank as it continues its travels. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for updates on where the Beef Bus is headed next.


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