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November 16, 2021

The holidays are a special time to treat your family and friends to gifts that warm their buns. Portillo’s has gifts for everyone on your “good list” this year—from the Chicago transplants pining for a taste of home, to the Snowbirds soaking up the sun.

For the Chicago transplant


It was a difficult choice, but at some point, this family member needed to see the rest of the world. Sure, they may be skipping the depression that sets in with the frost of Chicago winters, but that seasonal melancholy has been replaced with something else; a longing for Chicago-style Italian beef sandwich with a fresh jar of hot giardiniera. Give your Chicago transplant a present that ignites all the senses—a taste of home.

For the Portillo’s fan who is always on-the-go


These presents are for your Top Dog friend who is always calling you back from their car. No matter what time you reach out to them, they always appear to be heading somewhere important. Give your restless commuter the gift of bun-believable on-the-go comfort!

For the dog lover


Running completely contrary to the person on your list who wants nothing, you know exactly what to get this loved one—presents for their beloved fur baby. Send them swag that will make their dog’s tail wag this holiday season!

For the small fry


Bun-dle up your young one for the holidays in swag for the extra small fries in your family! Choose from our cozy onesies, swaddles, pacifiers and bibs, or read to them from our brand-new children’s book “G is for Giardiniera!” For the toddlers and young kids, put a Portillo’s toy car, pocket tee and fleece blanket under their tree!

For the extra small fry


For the homebody


The winter is this loved one’s time to shine. Help them do what they do best in Chicago style; cheesy socks and a fleece blanket to keep them warm, a laptop sticker to jazz up their couch companion, and a snow globe to keep their home festive!

For the snowbirds


These gifts are for the grandparents who trade in snow for sandy beaches every holiday. After all, who says the holidays can’t be celebrated with a little extra heat? These gifts will help your snowbirds jingle all the way to the pool in spicy swimwear and take a dip the Chicago-style way—on an Italian beef pool float.



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