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Tim Scheetz, 0311 Infantry Rifleman, US Marines and Portillo’s Director of Plant Operations


I was in the USMC Reserves during my time of service. I joined in 2006, mobilized in 2007, deployed to Iraq in 2008, UNITAS Gold in FL in 2009, short training mission to Peru in 2010, started preparing for a mobilization to Afghanistan in which eventually was cancelled – so I let my contract expire and exited in 2012. 


Like many Veterans, I had trouble finding my purpose exiting the Military. I was talking with my father one night who worked in agricultural equipment manufacturing his entire career – he said something that resonated with me, “I help feed people.” I thought about that for a few days, then start applying to jobs.  I’ve been working in large scale food manufacturing operations since then with most of my time producing Italian meats. I know I took the advice WAY too literally, but I’ve found my purpose – I help feed people.


Portillo’s truly is a team environment – If you’re looking for a group of people that know how to work hard at all levels, Portillo’s is for you. I see similarities between the Military and Portillo’s in leading through dynamic situations. The definition of dynamic is much different, but both are fast paced. I always try to be the calm in the storm and get the job done – so we can do it again tomorrow.


At work – whether in the Military or Portillo’s – we always strive to be our best every day. Our Greatness comes from having a strong foundation of training (understanding what good looks like) and fostering an environment of continuous improvement (being better than yesterday).


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