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Brooke Anderson, US Marines and Portillo’s Crew Chief
















My journey with Portillo's began when I was just 16. I grew up coming to Portillo's for any special occasion and was always delighted when I found out my family was going to get the special treat. Growing up and seeing the excitement in the kitchen and hearing the rhymes as orders were prepared made working at Portillo's seem like a fun and exciting environment. 

Portillo's is a great job for someone transitioning out of the military because the company takes pride in its veterans. Many of the values in the military are also valued here at Portillo's making the environment enjoyable and familiar. Additionally, the fast-paced environment helps keep work life exciting and gives military members an opportunity to continue to use the skills they developed while in the military.


In the military, I learned how to be tactful and innovative. I developed the skill to perform well under pressure, to make rational decisions in times of chaos, and constantly maintain a high level of attention to detail. The fast pace of a Portillo’s kitchen when we are “rocking” can create challenges (so many hot dogs!), but the skills I adopted through my experience with the Marine Corps help to reduce the impact of these challenges, and sometimes aid in preventing them from occurring at all. 


One process from the military that has helped me greatly as a Crew Chief is recognizing problems before they happen. Knowing your team's strengths and weaknesses is essential for successful execution of shifts and tasks. Maintaining consistent expectations through all positions of leadership no matter the day or time provides team members a knowledge of what they need to do and helps shifts run more smoothly and provides customers with consistent experiences.


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