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Horacio Rebello Trejo, Team Member, Addison #4

We continue to celebrate Portillo's team members who have dedicated many years to working at Portillo's and have truly become part of our family.

Horacio Rebello Trejo has worked for Portillo’s for 28.5 years at 5 different locations including Batavia, Bloomingdale, Willowbrook, Villa Park, and Addison. His favorite station to work at is beef, making sandwiches, as it makes time fly by as he’s having fun! Learn more about Horacio and his time at Portillo’s below:  

What is your favorite Portillo’s memory?

I have a few but it has to be either hanging out with my friends after work or working with my wife for two months in 1993. I loved being able to teach her the ins and outs of the job and being able to spend more time together.

What Portillo’s value do you connect best with?

Family. I have been able to make so many friends that I stay connected with decades later. I still work with a few of them, which I really enjoy since it has made us so close over the years. It is a major reason why I love coming to work. I really do think of them as family at this point.

What is the best upgrade we have made and why?

Flexibility. Nowadays, managers are extremely understanding in case you have to call off or change your availability. It really improves the work environment and shows that your managers care. 

What are you most proud of about your job?

I am most proud of the fact that I can recommend Portillo’s as a good place to eat because I know that the food will be made fresh every time, unlike other fast-food restaurants my friends or family might frequent.

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